Business Immigration

Business Immigration to the United States

The competition for getting an immigration visa in the United States is intense. For many people, business immigration to the United States through investment is the best option. The investment helps grow the economy while ensuring the investors have a place in the American market place.

The biggest advantage of the following visas is that they allow the immigrant to self-sponsor- meaning they will not need an employer to bring them to the United States. However, a key difference between the EB5 investor and the E2 investor is that the EB5 investor will obtain a green card whereas the E2 investor is in the United States on a temporary basis.

1)EB-5 Regional Center Investment

The EB-5 regional center investment starts at $900,000 dollars (for businesses established after 2019). This investment must be targeted at a specific employment area. To see a list of job regional areas, visit Approved EB-5 Immigrant Investor Regional Centers | USCIS.

2)EB-5 Direct Investment Business Immigration in the United States

EB-5 direct investment is a little different than regional center investment. The investment starts from $1.8 million dollars and provides you with more flexibility. In order to obtain the direct investment visa, you must employ a minimum of 10 employees. This is a great visa for someone wanting to establish a specific type of business in the United States.

3)E-2 Investor Visa Business Immigration in the United States

The work visa comes with direct investment a business of your choice. You must commit a substantial amount of capital and the capital must be at risk. This visa lasts for two years and can be renewed every two years.


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