F1 student visa

F1 Student Visa

F1 Student Visa

About the Visa 

The purpose of the F1 student visa is to allow foreign students to study in the United States and experience an understanding of the US educational system and cultural interests. Students wishing to study in the United States should apply for the F1 visa, and they should apply for an F2 visa if they have any dependents or spouses.

Students must apply to an institution that participates in the Student Exchange Visitor (SEV) program. This institution will typically have an international office that manages the student’s information.


  • Step 1: Student applies for an institution approved by the USCIS (exchanges.state.gov)
  • Step 2: Student completes Form I-20 sent by the institution
  • Step 3: The student applies for an F1 visa at the US consulate in his or her country of residence

*application for dependents may be done at the same time or following issuance of the visa

  • Step 4: Upon entry to the United States, the student must meet several requirements, including accurate compliance with the entry date and proper documentation from the University. The student may enter at most 30 days ahead of the start date of the program. Duration of the F1 visa depends on the duration of the course of study.

Any change in status such as leave of absence, change of course load, or program end date must be communicated with the international office at the university.

Employment Restrictions

There are strict limitations on employment under the F-1 visa. Spouses and children of F-1 visa holders cannot work. Many students experience difficulties due to minor violations under the F-1 visa or a lack of understanding of what type of work is acceptable under the visa. Violation of these limitations could result in losing the visa and possible deportation. Reinstatement is, however, possible under certain circumstances.

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