E2 Investor Visa

Non-Immigrant Investor E2

The E2 investor visa is a great way to enter the United States. This visa is given to investors from countries that have international trade agreements with the United States, “Treaty Investors”. The visa, however, is temporary and does not provide a path to permanent residence (green card). The requirements for this type of visa include the following:

  • Investor must be a national of the treaty country
  • Substantial investment of capital
  • Traceable funds (money is from legitimate source)
  • Money must be committed and at risk
  • Business start date is imminent (about to start soon)
  • Investor has skills to run the business
  • Business has plans to hire employees very quickly
  • Investor must show he has plans to return to his or her home country following the expiration of the visa

Duration of the E2 Investor Visa 

The investor will be allowed a maximum initial stay of two years. Extensions may be granted in tow year increments. Although there is no limit to the amount of extensions granted, the investor must show that they intend to depart the US at the end of each granted extension.

Buying an Existing Business 

The investor may buy an existing business but must still comply with all of the above requirements, including the substantial amount of capital investment requirement. The money to start the business may be a gift, as long as the E2 investor visa holder can show the source of the funds.

Substantial Amount of Capital

This requirement is to ensure that the investor is committed to doing business in the United States. The capital, whether funds or other assets, must be placed “at risk” if the investment fails. This means that the investor has a high likelihood of successfully developing and directing the enterprise since the investor is jeopardizing his capital.

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