Business Contracts

Do you need Business Contract?


Although the courts give businesses wide latitude to create their own business terms, certain provisions
are not allowed in business contracts under the law due to public policy concerns. At NS Law Firm, we are here to protect you and your business by ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.

We can frame business contracts to be as specific or as flexible as the parties agree and we will guide you through which terms to include in order to best protect your business from unnecessary risks. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation at (713) 909-0752 or email at

Types of Business Contracts Provided:

  • Residential Leases
  • Property or Equipment Lease
  • Employment Agreements
  •  Non-disclosure Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Production Agreements
  • Service Contracts
  • Bill of Sale

Why write a business contract?

The best way to set up a business for success is to memorialize the terms of an agreement in writing.
How a business contract is worded will determine each party’s liability throughout the lifespan of the
agreement and what risks will be allocated to which party. In addition, dictating the scope of each
party’s responsibilities will clarify each party’s role and the consequences of breaching those terms.
Therefore, it is best to have a detailed written agreement framing the relationship of the parties. This
includes writing out provisions related to:


  • Type and length of the employment
  •  Nature of the employment
  • Restrictions on actions
  • Pre-employment qualification
  • Roles and responsibilities of the employees. 


  •  Scope of property usage
  •  Which party is responsible for property maintenance
  •  Length of property usage
  •  Ability to transfer property or assign property
  •  Consequences of damage to property

Payment terms of the deal: 

  • How payment is tendered
  •  Payment due dates
  • Type of payment (flat fee, contingent, percentage, ect.) 
  • Consequences of late payment or no payment  

How the agreement terminates: 

  • Who may terminate
  • Method of termination
  • Date and timing of termination

Which party takes on a specific liability

Insurance requirement

The role and responsibility of each party

Consequences of breaching the agreement

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